Dear friends of the Dutch Shepherd Dog,


this year we could celebrate the 6th WDSF World Championship IGP, the 5th Worldcup Agility / Obedience and the 2nd Worldcup Mondioring.

In order to guarantee the future of these wonderful events, we had to change some rules.

These new rules are valid for all WDSF events from 2020.


Here are the most important changes:


WDSF World Championship general implementation rules:


  • Only dog handlers who can prove a valid membership in WDSF member associations or clubs may participate.
  • In a transitional period, until the World Championships IGP 2023, the board can make exceptions on written request. Only athletes who come from a country that is not represented by a member club or member association in the WDSF can make use of this regulation.

The application must be received by the board in text form at least 2 weeks before the closing date of the respective event.


WDSF World Championship  IGP implementation rules:


  • The desired examination level must have been successfully completed at least once before participation in the World Championship.


WDSF World Cup Agility implementation rules:


  • The WDSF World Cup is awarded to the winner of the WDSF open class. To be allowed to start in the open class, handler and dog together must be demonstrably classified in grade 2 or 3 in the country for which they compete. There will also be a (separate) competition for participants who qualify for grade 1. The winner of this competition will be “grade 1 winner”.


WDSF World Cup Obedience implementation rules:


  • With more than 25 participants, if the classes beginner, 1 and 2 are also offered 30 units a day, a second judge must be present.


All implementation rules are available as download on the WDSF homepage.


We thank you for your understanding and look forward to a common future with you.


With sporty greetings

The Board of the WDSF