Many Things happened!!!!

  • We have a new world champion
  • The next world championship 2018
  • New candidates for the board
  • More members for the WDSF

We have a new WDSF world champion!!!

Armin Frauenknecht from Germany is our new world champion 2017, with his partner, Austrian High Spirit Agent Ayk, he will go as a wildcard to the FCI WC IPO in September in Germany.

IPO 3:

1st place: Armin Frauenknecht, Germany Austrian High Spirit Agent Ayk 284 pts
2nd place: Grit Großer, Germany Droll le Gladiateur 282 pts
3rd place: Diana Quicker, Germany Amy´s Yara von den Hohenmeier 280 pts

IPO 2:

1st place: Günther Burkhart, Austria Aik of dark doom 263 pts
2nd place: Davy Reynvoet, Belgium Holland Orkan van le Dobry 258 pts
3rd place: Patrick Rautio, USA Massad de las Flores 217 pts

IPO 1:

1st place: Jean-Marc Cailleau, France Heaven de l’Orée Del Loco 278 pts
2nd place: Sanni Tarvainen, Finland Kare-Saran A’ronia 275 pts
3rd place: Melanie Dedikova, Czech Republic Holland Olympia van Le Dobry 271 pts

This event was filmed by workingdog. All videos can be found here.

We also have WDSF world cup winner in agility and obedience:

obedience class 3:
Martina Mimm with Boyd’s Bullriding Hipp Hopp from Germany

agility A3:
Lenka Blachová with Beroemde Orlith Esaber from Czech Republic

Congratulations from us to all the winners.

The whole score lists you can find here.

It was an amazing event with fantastic dogs competing at different venues. We saw 47 participants in IPO, 31 participants in obedience and 30 participants in agility. There were 17 nations represented. We are so happy to see that the dutch shepherd family is growing every year.
The venue was perfectly prepared, the catering was excellent and all the helpers were always friendly.
The festive evening was great organized, with live music, good food and good mood. It was celebrated until the late evening hours.

We want ot thank all the competitors, supporters and visitors and of course the organization team.

You all made this weekend to a special memory, thank you!!!

World championship 2018

The next WDSF world championship will be held in Roden / Netherlands from May 4th to 6th 2018.
The host will be the NHC in cooperation with Hondensport Hoogkerk.

This will be the 5th aniversary of the WDSF world championship and we are very proud that it will be back to the motherland of our fantastic breed.

As you all know, the hosting of other sports is voluntary and the decision is taken by the host club. At the moment, it is not yet clear which other sports will be offered. As soon as the host has made a decision, we will publish it in a timely manner.

The official wc homepage will be online verry soon.

You can also find all news about the world championship at the Facebook Page of the wc.

New candidates for the board

A few weeks ago, all members received a letter from our secretary. In this letter, we asked you to vote for 2 candidates for the board.We want to introduce both candidates here again.
Nadine Schöfer from Germany and Lars Brink from Sweden
If approved, they will take over the duties of General Board member and Treasurer respectably. This special election is due to recently vacated positions on the Board.

Please read the introduction of both candidates and give your vote before the 10th of August 2017 as described in the letter.

Nadine Schöfer (Germany)
Hello all,My name is Nadine Schöfer.I live in Germany, near Koblenz and I´m born in august 1975, so I`m actually 41 years old.I work as a quality manager for food packagings now for 18 years.My love for the Dutch Shepherd began in 2010 when I saw it the first time. I´m doing Obedience, Mondioring and IPO sports for 8 years now and since 2 years I have registered an FCI kennel named Herderclan.For me the Dutch Shepherd is a stable and healthy working dog, which needs to be represented in all kinds of dog sports. So the WDSF is the correct institution to show all the possibilities in having a and living with a Dutch Shepherd.Till now I only did a little bit of helping (trying to write the implementation rules for a Mondioring Competition at the WC in the future), but I would like to help more and support everything, that the WDSF will create and organize.With your permission, I would like to support the WDSF as a board member

Lars Brink (Sweden)
Hi all Dutch Shepherds Friends !My name is Lars Brink and I am a nowadays retired policeman.I have previously been involved in various sports, among them as a goalkeeper in football, however badminton which I began practicing at 10 years of age became my favourite. Until just a few years ago I also trained youth in the sport.Dogs of different breeds have always been a part of my life. In 2003 I was asked by my colleague Lars Czylwik if I wanted to help and take care of his dog Oscar, to give the dog a happy retirement. The year after, Oscar’s half-sister Rha also joined us.This is how my interest in Dutch Shepherd Dogs began. I became a member of RHH (Swedish Dutch Shepherd Club) and was also quickly granted the role as their treasurer. I have always had an interest in numbers and I have acted as a treasurer for different organisations since 1972.When I was asked if I was interested in a position as treasurer for the WDSF the answer was very simple, and I am looking forward to it.

We are still looking forward for more Contries as members of the WDSF!!

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