The board elections!!!

Time flies!!!
Four years ago, we chose at the founding meeting the first WDSF board and now it is time to elect a new board of directors.
We would therefore like to ask all members for proposals for candidates.
The choice will occur by e-mail. This method was decided unanimously by the members in 2015.

The following offices for election:
Vice President
and 2 post for the extended board

Because the WDSF is a sports organization, the candidate should also have experience in this area.

Please send your suggestions with a photo and a small presentation text until 04/19/2017 to the following email address:


News from the world championship in Germany

Wow, more than 100 participants from 9 different nations have already signed in. This is an unbelievable development of which we can be proud everybody. We hope to meet representative of all members in Jechtingen/Germany to celebrate this properly.

There are some changes to the process.
The schedule was adapted a little bit and some other organizational information has been announced on the homepage.

We would like to point to the possibility of sponsoring again!
Organizing a large competition is not only time-consuming, it also costs a lot of money.
Now there are different types of payment, even if you would like to support this great event.
Fan articles can be also ordered.

Please check the world championship homepage regularly for updates:

The world championship 2018

We are very happy to inform you that the world championship 2018 will take place in the Netherlands again. It will be our five year jubilee and it is great we can celebrate this at the home country of our great breed.

We would like to thank the NHC for its commitment.

Please contact us if there is interest in the organization of further sports.We are looking forward to working closely together

Detailed information will follow as soon as possible.

SigridA new boardmember

We would like to sincerely welcome Mrs. Sigrid Schmidt as a new member of the board of directors.
Mrs Schmidt was elected to the board by the members for 4 years and has also accepted her choice.
She sincerely thanks you for the trust and looks forward to the further cooperation.

WDSAANew member for the WDSF

We are happy to welcome the WDSAA from USA as the newest Member of the WDSF.

We are still looking forward for more countries as members of the WDSF!!

We need your help

We search furthermore organizer for the world championships from 2019.
If you liked to offer more than the sport IPO, we stand to you with pleasure with words and deeds aside. The additional adjustment of the world cups during the official world championship is voluntary and can be decided individually.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.