Good wishes!!

We wish all our members a happy new year.

We hope that all your wishes, dreams and goals for the year 2017 will be fulfilled. Also in 2017, we will work hard to meet our goals, present the sporting qualities of our breed and show the versatility of the Dutch Shepherd of the world publicity.

We thank, for your support and also hope furthermore for a good cooperation.

The work goes on!

The end of a year always means a lot of work for an organisation and we`ve done it.

We had finished the finacial reports for the years 2014 – 2015 and sent it to the financial comitee. Both members of the comitee, the NHC for netherland and the RHH for sweden had proof it and gave their recommendation to relieve the board of directors. The audit reports were sent to us.

News from the worldchampioship 2017 in Germany!!

The host of the worldchampionship 2017 in germany, the HSCD, has already done a lot of work!!

The Website is online.
You can find all important informations. You can read about the helpers or the judges and find pictures of the stadion, the tracking fields and articles.

And, of course you can find everything about the WDSF worldcups obedience and agility!!

The most important thing, you can find the online entry form for IPO, agility and

Also, there is a list for accommodations.

We are looking forward to meet you all in jechtingen/germany!!!


New hosts for the coming worldchampionship IPO

We are still looking for hosts for the coming world championships IPO 2018, 2019, 2020.
For questions, advice or any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Be part of a great story, the story of the sporty development of the Dutch Shepherd.
Be the host of this fantastic family. Experience sporting spirit, team spirit and excellent dog sports.
Be the center of an unforgettable event, enjoy friendship and dedication.

Let dreams come true!

SigridNew nominee for the board of directors

We want to introdouce you mrs. Sigrid Schmidt.

We asked her to introduce herselves in a small text:

my name is Sigrid Schmidt.
I come from berlin, germany. I am 44 Years old.

My love belongs to the dutch shepherd dog.

I make dogsport / IPO for more than 15 Years. Since 2002 i own Dutch Shepherd Dogs. At this time i own two dutchies. My old female „Hexe“ is 10 years and already in retirement. With her i was taking part twice at the Open Dutch Championship in IPO 3. My younger dog calls „Samurai de las Flores“. He is 4 years old and also in IPO – Training. We passed at the WDSF IPO WC 2016 the IPO 2 and reaching there the first place in IPO 2. At the Hollandcup 2016 we passed the IPO3 and reached the third place.

From the beginning i supported the WDSF. I create the Newsletter and help with translating and whereever i can.

For me it is very important to show the world that the dutch shepherd dog is a really good working dog in different sports and just as a reliable companion at work in many different areas of activity.

With your permission, i would like to continue my work for the WDSF as a board member.

More members for the WDSF!

This year, too, we would like to enlarge the WDSF family.
Do not be afraid to talk to us if you have other clubs for the Dutch Shepherd known who would like to be included.
We are happy to help!