Utilitydog status

Dear friends of the Dutch Shepherd Dog, On 25.5.2019 the NHC approved the application to the FCI for the granting of utilitydog status at its general meeting. The VVHH had [...]

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Newsletter 2019

Dear friends of the Dutch Shepherd Dog,   this year we could celebrate the 6th WDSF World Championship IGP, the 5th Worldcup Agility / Obedience and the 2nd Worldcup Mondioring. [...]

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Newsletter 2018

Dear members Today we want to inform you about the current events of the WDSF. The changes of the statutes decided by the general meeting will be confirmed by the [...]

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New member: SDN

We welcome a new member: the Dutch SDN. It’s a club with 2 breeds, the Dobermann’s and Dutchi’s. Welcome SDN!

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Results WC 2018

A world championship of a special kind !!! From 3rd to 6th of may 2018 our 5th World Championship for Dutch Shepherd Dogs took place. The municipality Nordenveld has provided [...]

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New member: VVHH

We welcome a new member: the Dutch VVHH, Vereniging voor de Hollandse Herder,

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Newsletter 03/2017

Many Things happened!!!! We have a new world champion The next world championship 2018 New candidates for the board More members for the WDSF We [...]

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World Championship 2017, Germany

This was an amazing event! The 2017 WDSF Dutch Shepherd World Championship was the biggest event the Dutch Shepherd family has seen. For the first time there was a World [...]

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Newsletter 02/2017

The board elections!!! Time flies!!! Four years ago, we chose at the founding meeting the first WDSF board and now it is time to elect a new board of directors. [...]

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Newsletter 01/2017

Good wishes!! We wish all our members a happy new year. We hope that all your wishes, dreams and goals for the year 2017 will be fulfilled. Also in 2017, [...]

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